The Hard Way

H ave you ever shared a dream? We did. This morning. I woke up thinking ,”Whew, what a dream.” I was thinking about what I saw and felt, when from the other side of the bed came, “Oh my God, what a dream.” I started talking about my dream and pretty soon she was fillingContinue reading “The Hard Way”

Time Out Of Mind

W hat are you going to do for the fall? It took me a minute to realize my friend was asking about autumn, not the fall of the country. I really don’t know. I know that I won’t be traveling, at least until sometime until mid to late 2022. I’m hoping that my booster vaccinationContinue reading “Time Out Of Mind”

Until The End

M ore water. More reflections. Even as we dry out, some things don’t change. I think most people have power. Not everyone has internet, which doesn’t seem important but in the modern world it is. We use Cox. They don’t know what they are doing. They sent us a long email apologizing for the lackContinue reading “Until The End”

After the Rain

N ot talking. That’s what I’m not going to do. Before I do I need an apology. And, a promise from that guy to never darken my door again. Yes. That’s how I can be. S ee the scene. Push the button. Make sure the the colors are as I saw them. Publish it onContinue reading “After the Rain”

Jungle Land

There is one corner where the land looks like this. It looks and feels what it must have been like 25,000 years ago. I don’t really know. I’m not that old. I swear. All I know is that it’s green and can get kind of noisy when squirrels talk and birds chirp. Sometimes wilder animalsContinue reading “Jungle Land”

Who Knew

Who knew? Who knew that this new way of working might just give us the tools we need to be more creative without learning to code. I’ve long had a dream to be able to fill the page from side to side. Now I can. This makes me very happy. I think that as IContinue reading “Who Knew”

Particle and Wave

I’ve heard that everybody hits a wall. The wall comes after too much isolation. After too much inside. After not being able to visit friends without a handshake or hug. I thought that I was fine. That we were fine. We have our own little circle. But, that’s not enough. I awoke yesterday feeling tired.Continue reading “Particle and Wave”

The Swamp

See? A swamp. Where we live. Well, kinda. Sorta. A real swamp would likely be very deep and wet this time of year. Most of the real swamps have been developed. Into concrete. But, here and there, you can find some little groves of what came before us. This one takes about ten minutes toContinue reading “The Swamp”

Tomorrow Never Comes

It’s not that far away. This bayou. This swamp. This bit of water. It’s broken. When I first saw this place, maybe twenty years ago, the trees were lush and full. There were lots of them. Today, between industrial pollution and being a dumping ground for just about everything, it doesn’t look the same. It’sContinue reading “Tomorrow Never Comes”