Tag: Symbolic

  • Stripped Away

    Is the pleasure worth all the pain? That’s a line from an old Jimmy Buffett song. After warnings, and a few arrests, people of our fine city still seem to think that gathering is okay. I’m sure their momentary pleasure will cause them a lot of pain later. I’m going to take a break from […]

  • All The Color

    I the dead of winter. This picture is for all of you who still are suffering from cold weather, and I don’t care what that little rodent said. In many places it’s cold. Down In the swamp, we have all sorts of blooms. In this picture I tried to make that point by layering two […]

  • Little Angel

    This little statue is scary. This does not bring the word “angelic” to mind. It looks a little twisted. Maybe I should go back there one of these days and see if I still see it in the same way. If it is still there. This cemetery is sort of what used to be called […]

  • And So It Goes

    Well, that was something. Yesterday. More comments than usual. More comments expressing opinion beyond the comments of image praise. It made me smile. It should make you smile. I never intended for Storyteller to be political. But, these are strange days, indeed. John Lennon said that. Forty years ago. I suspect as 2017 rolls on, Storyteller […]

  • Welcome Home

    Welcome home. Seems to be symbolic of this week. I’m not going to the political side of things. Enough. Because. We lost another musician. A man described by Bob Dylan as being the number one songwriter, mostly because Dylan sees himself as number zero. So far set apart that he’s some place else. It’s not […]

  • The Morning After

     ”Twas Halloween and the ghosts were out, And everywhere they’d go, they shout, And though I covered my eyes I knew, They’d go away. But fear’s the only thing I saw, And three days later ’twas clear to all, That nothing is as scary as election day. But the day after is darker, And darker […]

  • Both Sides

    Good and bad. That’s how I see it. That’s my city. That’s New Orleans. Sure. Every place has a little good and a little bad to it. But our contrasts are extremes. One of you sent me an email inquiring about a photograph (I haven’t forgotten you) and said something in his email about my pictures. […]

  • It Don’t Come Easy

    “Ain’t it hard when you wake up in the morning And you find out that those other days are gone? All you have is memories of happiness lingerin’ on All your dreams and your lovers won’t protect you They’re only passing through you in the end They’ll leave you stripped of all that they can […]

  • Winter Trees Again

    Let’s try another version of winter. Bare trees. Quiet Friday. Feels like winter. Feels like home. One more thing. I’m sorta out of pictures. I’d better go take some nice pictures. Christmas pictures. Happy pictures. Stuff like that.