I Turned Left

It’s Carnival time. Third and fourth parades tonight. Then, the bigger Uptown parades start on Friday. I haven’t been all that motivated. I’m having a tough time getting into it. I’m not exactly sure why not. Usually, by now I’m chasing around photographing decorations and details. So. I thought that I would post a selection of pictures fromContinue reading “I Turned Left”

Weird Windows

Oh, I dunno. This is what happens when you walk. When you look in windows. At details. I’ll let you guess which kind of spiritual belief this group of icons represents. It may not be what you are thinking. For those of you who are wondering about avoiding reflection in glass, it’s pretty simple. If youContinue reading “Weird Windows”

St. Roch

Where to start? How about this? WordPress, stop making things better. Leave things alone. You only make them worse. This post was supposed to contain three pictures. But, for some reason, after uploading two pictures, WordPress won’t let me upload the last picture. Well, it uploads fine. It posts as a question mark. I give up.Continue reading “St. Roch”

Spring. Rebirth. Green.

It’s Spring. I thought we could use something bright, pretty and happy on Sunday. I actually made this picture in The Bywater on St. Joseph’s Day. It sure is wonderful that after a pretty cold winter — for us — and a very cold trip to “The Frozen North,” that just as spring rolled around,Continue reading “Spring. Rebirth. Green.”

Rosalie Alley (The Details)

More images from Rosalie Alley. I guess that I could stop right there. But, you know me. Two things to know. One. I promised myself I wouldn’t post very many multiple image blogs. It seems that they are just a little too much to look at in one go. But, after looking at the manyContinue reading “Rosalie Alley (The Details)”

That’s All Folks

Another Carnival Season comes to a close. I hope those of you who celebrated had a good time. For the rest of you, maybe next year. It’s really worth it.

Little Christmas Details

I was telling a friend of mine that sometimes the most story-telling picture is a detail shot. You sorta get to the heart of things by staying away from the overall scene and focusing on a small area. This picture is maybe a little wider than I’d normally shoot for a detail shot, but color,Continue reading “Little Christmas Details”

It’s All In The Details

When I work in Central City, a lot of what I find is in the details. It means that I can’t just drive to an appointment. Or, drive around looking for things. I have walk around looking for little details that either function as a sort of point picture, or as something large as anContinue reading “It’s All In The Details”

A Change of Pace

For now, I’m done with second line parades. But, rather than jump into something new, I thought I post something like a chapter header. It is a sign. A symbol. A fleur-de-lis. It is a symbol of much more than just The New Orleans Saints. It is the symbol for a city. Many cities, actually.Continue reading “A Change of Pace”