Thinking About Livingston

Y esterday sucked. Let’s start with my doctor. I received a letter from him dated December 1, yesterday. He’s leaving his practice. He sent that before he ever knew that I was gunning for him. That damn nurse didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me that. What a messed up medical practice. I’m sorry.Continue reading “Thinking About Livingston”

Coming Home

T oday got rolling just about the time I got up. I told you that I was going to get busy. I didn’t think that I meant right this second. I thought I could cruise into the work a little bit at a time. Silly me. I made my first mistake when I started listeningContinue reading “Coming Home”

Behold The Summer

Nature. I made this picture as an attempt to describe nature’s power. I’m not sure if it works, but I had fun doing the post production. Post production beyond developing a digital image should be just that. Fun. And, it’s just that that makes working this way easy to do. That’s another thing. There areContinue reading “Behold The Summer”

Looking at You

I need to get out more. I made the portrait before I returned to New Orleans. I was back for a visit when I ran into this guy on the street in The French Quarter. He’s an old friend. We had a coffee and went our own ways. I thought, at the time, that itContinue reading “Looking at You”


Where do I start? Probably with more sadness. A lot of you know this is a pretty musical house. And, I tell you this is getting old. Very old. Probably one of my favorite Glenn Frey songs goes a little like this… “There’s trouble on the streets tonight I can feel it in my bones,Continue reading “Portraits”


This is a symbol. An icon. There’s been a lot of debate in The United States about symbols, flags and meanings. It started with murders. In New Orleans, it has gotten strange, with the mayor wanting to remove statues. Some people are cheering. Others are appalled. This picture isn’t about any of that. I’m notContinue reading “Golden”

Tourist Attraction

Well, I peeked through the key crack Comin’ down the hall Was a long-legged man Who couldn’t hardly crawl He muttered and he uttered In broken French And he looked like he’d been through A monkey wrench — Copyright © 1970 & @1990 Bob Dylan/Special Rider Music from the song “New Orleans Rag.”

Decisive Moment. Sorta.

I almost forgot. Yesterday would have been be Henri Cartier Bresson’s 100 birthday. For those of you who don’t know of him, he was my photographic grandfather. He was that to a couple of generations of photographers. He was maybe best known for the phrase “decisive moment.” When the 35mm Leica camera was created, he adoptedContinue reading “Decisive Moment. Sorta.”

Sometimes I Get Bored…

You know how it is. It’s Saturday night. The house is clean. The shopping is done. The dogs are washed and dried. The lawn is mowed. Your night is free. But, you just don’t feel like dealing with crowds. Waitstaff. Bartenders. Crowds. Lost tourists. You watch a movie. Maybe the baseball playoffs. But, that isn’tContinue reading “Sometimes I Get Bored…”