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  • Change With the change of month I thought I would change my approach and discuss a topic that’s been on my mind a lot. Climate change. I’ll do my best to do it through my artwork and my layering techniques. Of course WordPress had other ideas. It’s probably my fault, but the normal column on […]

  • Round and Round

    Happy first day of fall. The high today is supposed to be 92 degrees. It’s a brisk 81 degrees as I write this. At about 8:30am. So. Remember these? Usually I find just the booth and a part of the phone. This time I found one that actually works. I picked it up and got a dial […]

  • They Told Me It Was Earth Day

    Once I start gearing up for the grind of my “day” job, I start missing things. Like Earth Day. Everybody seems to be talking about it on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites. I read right through what they wrote. It didn’t occur to me until last night. Or. Tonight as I write. […]

  • Looking in Windows (Again)

    Here’s another picture from what has become an occasional series. I guess I’ll call it “Looking in Windows.” I do this when I’m going from one place to another and I’m just sort of poking around. Generally these kinds of pictures are made with one of my Sony NEX cameras since they are tiny, but […]

  • Church. Part Two.

    I rarely post alternate versions of the same shoot. But, I had to. I think I like this one more that the first attempt, Since you know the story of the place, I’ll let that go. For now. Post production was done on my i-Pad using Snapseed from an original i-Phone image. New media. I […]

  • Is It Real?

    So. I ran out of batteries on my “real” cameras. Yeah, Yeah. My bad. But, I was having fun. So, I resorted to my backup’s backup and turned to my i-Phone. Even though I make pictures with it often, there is something about shooting with it that makes me feel like I’m not doing a […]

  • Mostly Color

    I think this is the last rain picture for now. But, they say to never say never. I have no idea who “they” are, but it sound right to me. It’s another example of an image being driven by technology. That rarely works. But, for pictures like the last couple that I’ve posted it works […]

  • A Little Street Music

    Testing. Testing. Testing. A new camera. A very little new camera. A camera without a mirror. When a camera doesn’t use a mirror it doesn’t need a pentaprism, which allows it to be about the size of a deck of playing cards. But, it has the sensor of a DSLR, which means I can use […]