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  • The Long Road

    Just a couple of things. I made this picture just about as far out in The Lower Ninth Ward as I could go. I probably shouldn’t have been out there so late in the day. This is where unsuspecting people get shot. I’m not even sure it’s intentional. I think young teenagers, er, little punks […]

  • Another Period of Growth

    You thought that you were getting off easy. Heh! Let me tell you that never happens except on Sunday when I don’t feel like working. I want to talk about death. Yeah. I know that’s not a happy topic. Still, we lost two icons already this week. Douglas Kirkland and Loretta Lynn Kirkland was an […]

  • No Country

    O bviously, I made this picture a while ago, like in winter. I tucked it away and you’ve never seen it. I’m starting to work through that collection now. Unfortunately for me, these pictures are scattered throughout the last few months which means that I have to find them. Hard to do when you’ve forgotten […]

  • Sometimes Just The Sky

    Sometimes this picture is all you need. Sometimes nature fixes everything. Sometimes nature settles everything. Often as not, it’s not what you were hoping for. We’ve had an awful lot of rain this spring. Something like 40 inches during a time when the normal rainfall is less than 20 inches. I don’t know what that […]

  • One Story

    Yesterday was interesting to say the least. Apparently, every software company released updates this week. Three hours. That’s how long it took me to get to here. I still don’t think that I’m done because I see that I have six Apple upgrades. I won’t do it if it requires a reboot. That takes forever […]

  • Storm Season

    More of a graphic shape than a documentary picture. At least that’s how I see it. The silhouetted train car shape makes it so. It was just something I saw one late afternoon in the swamp. The swamp that has become really swampy. And, not to be forgotten, June 1 is the official start of […]

  • Another Experiment

    I always say that Storyteller is a place for experiments. This is a big one. Yes. Sure. You know this place. You know the subject matter. My go to place when the sky does something interesting.  That’s why I selected the original base image. I used a new app. One that was recommended to me […]

  • Way Out There

    This started with a conversation with a fellow blogger. She responded to something I wrote about removing power lines from certain pictures. Sometimes, as in pictures made in the country, I think they should be removed. Sometimes, usually in a more urban setting, I think they are a big part of the composition. Like this picture. […]

  • This, Then That

    I got out of the car. I took the American flag picture. I didn’t like the framing so I got back into the car and changed lenses. If I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have looked in the right hand side mirror at an odd angle. I would not have seen the reflection picture. So […]