Modern Green

Green. You know I like green. And, you know I like to play around with my photographs. So, I did both. This may be a candidate for the botanicals juried contest. I know that this isn’t anywhere near the current color palate. But, art isn’t paint by numbers. Art is an expression of self. It’sContinue reading “Modern Green”

Green Sky

The end of green. No. Nothing terrible is happening, unless you think winter is terrible. When something ends I head directly to it. Why shouldn’t I? I have nothing of interest to write about — maybe I should just cut it short — but I remember that I follow a website and blog called SensationalContinue reading “Green Sky”

How I Got Here Ain’t Exactly Clear

S ometimes, stuff just gets too hard. Tiredness sets in. You wonder just what the hell you were thinking. Here’s what I haven’t said yet. We are getting ready to return from our longest trip in years. We are returning from Abu Dhabi. I negotiated one show for musical miss. The promoters threw so muchContinue reading “How I Got Here Ain’t Exactly Clear”

Not to Blame

L et’s start with this. Thank you to those of you who expressed your sympathies about my pain issues. I still haven’t heard from my doctor. I wonder how he’s gonna feel after about 75% of his earnings go into my pocket. Even though he doesn’t care about me, I take my life seriously. EContinue reading “Not to Blame”

Something Wild

Y ou’ll never believe what I did to this picture. Before I tell you, let me say that for the rest of this week Storyteller will look a little different. WordPress sent me a long email about changes to the block system to which I replied, “Oh God.” WordPress sent me a long email aboutContinue reading “Something Wild”

Number One

T his is it. The very first one. The very first experiment in layering. I made this picture in 2010, in Albuquerque, New Mexico on my kitchen table. According to the EXIF data, I made it with an iPhone 4, in December. That means the weather was cold and there may have been snow onContinue reading “Number One”

Goin’ Back

The stuidity must go on. Who in their right mind designed these grids? You cannot even do the simplest of designs with the block(head) system. Where I come from pictures don’t float around on white space for no reason. Pictures stay about a pica apart. I know. What’s a pica? It’s a small measuring unit.Continue reading “Goin’ Back”

Dancing Days

A little experiment. I was building my new and improved website and I was uploading a lot of pictures. That took some time. To help pass it, I started playing with older pictures. You might not recognize it, but you’ve seen this picture in the past, when it was bright magenta. I started in oneContinue reading “Dancing Days”

Forever Young

This wasn’t today’s picture. At least it’s not what I planned. I thought that it was a little too bleak for a Sunday picture. I read a lot. Especially on Sunday morning when I have a little more time. I probably shouldn’t do that. There was a story that appeared on Twitter with a linkContinue reading “Forever Young”