They Say, “They Devil is in The Details.” Not Here.

This is a detail. That old saying doesn’t apply here. Devils are banned from this place. They can’t be in this detail. All you have to do is read the sign. What devil is gonna mess with a Central City pastor? The interesting thing about this little parking lot is that I’ve driven by itContinue reading “They Say, “They Devil is in The Details.” Not Here.”

Food Truck Festival… Again

So. I promised you that my first post of the day was just a test. It was. What is really cool about that post is that I did everything, except make the picture, on my i-Pad. This is very important since I’m trying to travel even more lighter these days. I reckon if I don’tContinue reading “Food Truck Festival… Again”

And, All Occasions

Imagine that. A successful food truck festival in the heart of Central City. Even though this is still a very rough New Orleans neighborhood, it is starting to come back. At least it is coming back, along “the boulevard” as Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard is sometimes called. A lot of money is being poured intoContinue reading “And, All Occasions”