Tag: The Quarter

  • A Walk In The French Quarter

    As I was wandering around The French Quarter waiting for the Easter Parade festivities to start, I took walk on a couple of streets and through a couple of alleys that I normally sort of ignore. I’m glad that I did. I saw some new angles and views. At least they were new to me. […]

  • Keeping a Light On

    I was walking up Royal Street one night, when I happened to look up and saw the light on. I noticed the fan in the window which seems to say a lot about New Orleans and the coming summer. You know the summer. The one that we have in New Orleans is usually pretty unbearable. […]

  • Real Good For Free

    There is an old Joni Mitchell song called “Real Good For Free.”  The middle verse goes like this. “Now me I play for fortune, And those velvet curtain calls, I’ve got a black limousine, And two gentlemen, Escorting me to the halls, And I play if you have the money, Or if you’re a friend to me, But the one man band, By […]

  • Another View

    Casting a shadow. Locally, people call this view “Touchdown Jesus.” What do expect from a city who has an NFL football team called “The Saints?” After all, we live in “Who Dat “city. I’ve photographed this scene from many angles. But, never straight on. I guess I thought that the bars on the fence would […]

  • Transportation in The French Quarter

    Speeding through The French Quarter at night… or, so it seems. Royal Street is like most of the other streets in The Quarter. Old. Narrow. Badly paved. When the paving really falls apart, it’s patched. Not very well. Because of that, nobody is going to speed through any street in The Quarter at any time. […]

  • Hanging Out in The French Quarter

    As the seasons change and the weather heats up for summer, the months of early spring get a little weird. There is fog. There is mist. There are gray skies that linger. One day the high temperature is 82 degrees, The next day it’s 51 degrees. But, that ain’t bad. At least it’s not the […]

  • Reflections, Light & Color

    Sometimes, it’s in the details. Sometimes, your eyes just have to be a little more open than normal. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than luck and timing. This picture is a result of all four. The details are found in the one thing that makes this picture. The woman’s face in the bottom left of the […]

  • A Dog’s Life

    Yes. Sunday and Mardi Gras. About dogs. And their people. From my point of view, the main parade yesterday was the Krewe of Barkus. Yes. Barkus. Bark. Bark. Bark. Except these dogs were all pretty good. They visited with each other before showtime. Then they walked throughout The French Quarter. It was their parade. The […]

  • It’s Here.

    Carnival Time. Mardi Gras. Krewe du Vieux. The first big parade of the season rolled last night from The Marigny through The French Quarter and back. But, mostly it rolled around The Quarter. Krewe du Vieux is an adult parade. This year’s theme is Krewe du Vieux comes early. That’s sort of all you need […]