It’s still pretty hot and humid. However, the light is changing. The sun is lower in the sky. Shadows and surfaces are being illuminated in really pretty ways.  This was the first scene I saw that told me even with our heat and humidity, autumn is here. I should have known. Night is arriving earlier.Continue reading “Understanding”

Snow Day

Like fire and snow. Yes. We had a little snow. Mostly it didn’t stick to the ground. I suspect the ground is still too warm. Four days ago, the temperature was in the low 80s. It’s 33 degrees as I write. I tried photographing snow as it fell. That looked okay, but not great. IContinue reading “Snow Day”

It’s My Swamp

Yes. It’s my swamp. First, the picture. Then, the real comment. We were walking early in the morning when I happened upon this little scene. We don’t always walk in our neighborhood. I always carry some kind of camera. So, I used it. I enhanced the picture in post production. And, that’s really it. ForContinue reading “It’s My Swamp”

Swampy Christmas

Christmas Eve. Day. A quick look at Christmas in Uptown New Orleans. Yes. We decorate palm trees. And, other swampy stuff. We even turn on our air conditioners for Christmas. Some of the potholes even get decorated. The pictures. Well you know. See them. Photograph them.  

About a Daddy

Southern tales. Southern stories. A love story. One night I was talking to my friend, Chesley Thompson. She’s a Southerner. Born and raised. She has family all over the south, especially in Mississippi and Louisiana. She’s a school teacher. An incredible school teacher. Just ask her former students. I met her at UNO when we wereContinue reading “About a Daddy”

Southern Sky

Spring. When the weather changes. When the wind starts to change direction. When the storms blow in from a different direction. When even peaceful skies turn dramatic. Some people go north to chase this kind of light. Me? I just wait for it. It’ll come. If it doesn’t come today. It’ll come tomorrow.

The Best of Falling Down.

The best. Or not. That is so subjective. But, it’s my subject. Hmmmm. Just about every kind of media shows their best of something or other. This is the best of the ruined, abandoned and falling apart buildings that I founder the course of 2016. There are a few more, but I created my ownContinue reading “The Best of Falling Down.”

Southern Feel.

The South. It has a look. A feel. A smell. All its own. In the summer it’s hot. Sticky. Humid. Wet. And, summer lasts a while. From March to Christmas. In the winter, it cools off a bit. But, the humidity doesn’t go away. The wetness doesn’t go away. It manifests itself in fog. 40Continue reading “Southern Feel.”

Key to the Highway

“I got the key to the highway, billed out and bound to go I’m gonna leave here runnin’, because walkin’ is much too slow Give me one more kiss mama, just before I go ‘Cause when I’m leaving’ here, I won’t be back no more” — Charlie Seger, Big Bill Bronzy. 1940. Apparently, the songContinue reading “Key to the Highway”