Doors. I have this thing about Doors. No. Not The Doors. They were a great band, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about… oh, never mind. You see the pictures. Within a few hours of finally being home, I just had to run out and make a bunch of pictures. I immediatelyContinue reading “Doors”

Mystery Solved. Sort Of.

This post is as much about the story as it is about the picture.  First. You have to understand that the ground on which I’m standing is the roof. It collapsed. That’s weird enough in itself. Then, there’s the mystery. For most of us in New Orleans, there is a St. Charles Avenue. All theContinue reading “Mystery Solved. Sort Of.”


Luckily, I had some more files from the last time I was in New Orleans. So. I’ll stop whining about being at the bottom of the barrel. I’m not. And, I’ll be able to produce new work in few more days. Better yet, this picture dovetails very nicely with my new blog site at HUB,Continue reading “Luckily”

On The Wall

Well. You know I like color. Bright, energetic , bold color. These pictures are certainly colorful and bright. While I was exploring the ruins of the power plant, I took the time to explore some other abandoned buildings near by. The whole area was once devoted to heavy manufacturing. There were railroad sidings that ran throughContinue reading “On The Wall”

On The Inside

As you all know, I like old broken stuff. Houses. Cars. Trucks. Trains. Boats. Anything. There is an old power plant in New Orleans that is about 160 years old. Maybe older. It’s been abandoned for many years. It is reputed to have been a cannon ball factory during The Civil War. Yes, It’s justContinue reading “On The Inside”