There Is No Soul Behind it

There has been a pretty spirited discussion across multiple socials about AI and photography. The question is simple enough. Is AI photography? Most of the photographers who responded said, “no.” Many photographer’s comments showed that they had no idea what the hell they are talking about, That’s the same problem most of the world hasContinue reading “There Is No Soul Behind it”


Winter. It’s coming. In Virginia, at least in our area, there are usually three or four snow storms over the course of the cold months. Unlike some places like Chicago or Boston where the snow piles up and piles up, the snow usually melts before the next storm arrives. You’d think that would be aContinue reading “Winter”

Not in the Weeds

So, my online pal, Tim, suggested that I try a different browser. I downloaded Mozilla’s Firefox. I thought that I made a huge mistake because it barely worked at all. I left the computer and took a break because I had other things to do… like vacuum. With six dogs roaming the halls you canContinue reading “Not in the Weeds”

One Of The Trees

More trees. What can I say? I like trees and I like green. We already went through what green means so I won’t bore you with that. Let’s talk about my day instead. You know how when things go south, everything goes south? It did. First, one of the guitars around here was damaged whileContinue reading “One Of The Trees”

From A Different Place

G uess, will you please guess where I took this picture? Unless you’ve been here you’ll never figure it out. I made this picture photographing a book project in — wait for it — Las Vegas. Wait? What? At the time when I worked on the project there were a group of very upscale, sleekContinue reading “From A Different Place”

Cold, Cold, Cold

W hen I talk about photographing on assignment many people think it’s all glamour and excitement. Now, that I work in the background of making music I know that glamour is the last thing on anybody’s minds. It’s hard work and most of it sucks. Getting back to strictly photography, I once wrote that IContinue reading “Cold, Cold, Cold”

What Comes Next

For fun. I made the picture and tinkered with it for fun. Just fun. You remember fun? This week hasn’t been a lot of fun. I don’t think the coming weeks will be a lot of fun. Already the fingers are pointing in every direction. Now the finger is pointing at the police who arrivedContinue reading “What Comes Next”

Really, Super Deluxe, Brand New

P hotographer’s luck. I tell you. That’s how this picture came about. I went outside to take the trash out and to water the dogs. I looked up and thought “holy sh*t, look at that moon.” Luckily, I had my phone with me. What’s lucky about that? I always have my phone with me. IContinue reading “Really, Super Deluxe, Brand New”

Little Tiny Changes

A photographer friend of mine suggested that I talk to a new stock — not stock — agency. I’ve been far away from that for years. There are too many photographs, too many photographers and not enough return on investment. This agency claims to be different. And their licensing prices are very high. More moneyContinue reading “Little Tiny Changes”