Where Time Stands Still

O nce, on a walk, I saw these Doctor Suess-like trees. You know, “Green Eggs and Spam,” “The Cat in the Hat.” Well, maybe. I always thought “The Cat in the Hat” was about Miles Davis. He wore hats most of the time. He certainly was a cat. With a trumpet. He changed music five orContinue reading “Where Time Stands Still”

The Hard Way

T here is a group of photographic artists who have seemed to have determined what contemporary fine art photography should look like. It looks something like this picture, but probably more precious in concept and explanation. A friend of mine, a good photographer, has started to make inroads into that world. And, I have toContinue reading “The Hard Way”

Like a Speeding Bullet

O kay. I’m going to get back on posting track. So, this one is for 1pm Central Time. We’ll just see about that. That sounds a lot like the always infamous, “Just wait until your father gets home.” You know how that used to work, right? Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with DSLRContinue reading “Like a Speeding Bullet”

Begin Again

I t’s funny. I meant what I said. I don’t seem to be able to make a picture, or at least a meaningful one. Even this one. It’s just a bunch of old pictures stuck on top of each other. I have no idea why I can’t seem to work. I’m sure two years ofContinue reading “Begin Again”


D id I tell you that I hate WordPress? I hate it more everyday. They keep trying to dig money out of my wallet for services I don’t want. But, what I really want to talk about is The New York Times. They seem intent on prosecuting former wars with information everybody knew about exceptContinue reading “Rocksteady”

They Might Be Lost

L et’s start with this. Thank you to the couple of you who reached out after yesterday’s post. And, even a bigger thank you to those who didn’t. Here’s the thing. I come from the school of thought that defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a differentContinue reading “They Might Be Lost”

So Much

T here’s so much. Too much. Everywhere. All over the place. I’m starting to understand the problem. I’m beginning to understand what the internet’s democratization did. It opened the doors to everyone. That’s not a bad thing. Everyone deserves a chance. It clogged up all of the artistic pathways to the the people wanting toContinue reading “So Much”

Not Dark Yet

T he title comes from Bob Dylan. The picture is my third try at publishing. There were no problems. I just didn’t like the picture. I tried reworking the first one, but that didn’t fly. I may try reworking it from the original. I well over defined the clouds on the processed images which madeContinue reading “Not Dark Yet”


T his almost didn’t happen. I had so many problems rebooting and reinstalling software that I was about to give up. For instance, OnOne took just one hour and fifteen minutes to load. I have no idea why. Most everything else loaded in a reasonable amount of time. But, there was a lot of it.Continue reading “Sunlight”