Second Line Squared

Once upon a time I made pictures like this one every Sunday. I retired from the streets a few years ago mostly for health reasons, but after seven years I felt like the project ran its course. You work and you work and you work and one day you just know. You might still goContinue reading “Second Line Squared”


T his is another of those “found” pictures. I know where I made it. I have no idea why I did. Now that I see it, I like it. Maybe , it’s incompetence. Maybe I’m just as incompetent as the next guy. I’m starting to think that anything good that I’ve ever done was justContinue reading “Waiting”

On Stage

Before the fall. A story about a musician. I’m not even sure how to tell this story. It’s a story of greed. It’s a story of stupidity. It’s a story of loss. It’s the story of Ervin Mayfield. Trumpet playing Mayfield was one of the pillars of the New Orleans jazz community. He is aContinue reading “On Stage”

New Orleans… A Story

New Orleans stories. Some I have to dredge up from deep in my memory. Others not so much. This is one of the others. I was walking down the street in Treme. I was headed to a second line. I didn’t know there was a second line that started earlier. A jazz funeral. As IContinue reading “New Orleans… A Story”

On Any Day

They came out to play. And, so they did. If a second line starts and rain falls in the middle of it, everybody keeps going unless the rain starts blowing sideways and upside down. Anything else is just a drizzle to them. And, us. There’s a lesson in that. Don’t be denied. There’s a lessonContinue reading “On Any Day”

The Street

In the middle of things. That’s how I like to work. Sheesh. I’m in the middle of the band. I’m making pictures with a 10mm lens. That means I’m close. Real close. I might even be in trouble. Check out the saxophone player. He doesn’t look too happy. He might be looking past me. Or,Continue reading “The Street”

Music ‘n Stuff

Music. And, stuff. What does that mean? For me, music is a continuation of photography. Musicians make music that often becomes the sound track to my own work. It drives my style. For instance. If I’m in the zone, and I’m photographing a second line and the music is chaotic, so are my pictures. If I’m out inContinue reading “Music ‘n Stuff”

Once You’ve Heard…

… the truth, everything else is just cheap whiskey. There you have it. Cheap whiskey. Nothing more. Nothing less. I think I’ll forget about any rumors about anything until I know it to be true. For me. At any level. Anywhere. That said, tools of the trade. That’s what these pictures are about.  Sparkling. Glowing.Continue reading “Once You’ve Heard…”


Belonging. Home. Place. I haven’t been on the street in a long time. Probably six months. The last time I was out, the weather was hot. Ground temperature was around 114 degrees. I decided to do what I do best. Make pictures of our culture. In New Orleans. In any kind of weather. It wasContinue reading “Belonging”