Tag: Twisted

  • About A Half A Tank

    That’s just about how much gas it takes to get to this forlorn place from Albuquerque if you are driving.I found this place. I made a few pictures and kept going until I came to the next place like you do. This is not a new picture, but it is one that I like. Aside…

  • Blue Moon

  • On This Sunday

    A Sunday picture. An experimental picture. A short tale. The Indians await. I made a picture of trees as I often do. At this time of year they are about rebirth. And, nature’s cycles. I did some gentle post-production. The picture was fine. I decided to play. To tinker. I turned a vertical picture on…

  • For A While

    Twisted. Trunks. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a version of this picture for a couple of years. I’m not sure what the trees are, but they are primordial. They are original trees from the days when much of “backatown” New Orleans was a swamp. A swamp that was reclaimed. Drained and…

  • Halloween

    It’s been spooky and scary for almost two years. Today as the day for evil, spooky and scary. It’s way different today. Enjoy the day. And, especially the night. Happy Halloween.