In Another World

Thailand. The name conjures all sorts of thoughts, myths and feelings. Truth be told, once you get outside of big cities the country is incredibly beautiful. The people are very friendly and helpful. And, the cost of living is very inexpensive. Oh, and the food is amazing, especially the street food. City life can beContinue reading “In Another World”

Dark End of the Quarter

Contrasts. The French Quarter is a study in contrasts. On one end, the upriver end, the French Quarter is bright, colorful and very bright. You know. Bourbon Street. Royal Street. Like that. As you head down river there are more residential streets. With that comes less of what I call the typical French Quarter light. It’sContinue reading “Dark End of the Quarter”

Painterly Quarter

Here’s one more picture of The French Quarter at night. Depending on the season, I like to take photographic strolls through The Quarter from about 6 to 8:30pm. That’s during spring, summer and fall. For winter light, I’m usually wrapping it up by about 6pm. That’s kind of too bad because I like to workContinue reading “Painterly Quarter”

Sometimes I Walk

Well. Mostly I like to walk. Trains. Planes. And, automobiles. They are just for getting someplace quickly. To see. To really see, you have to walk. Walking gives you just enough time to see what’s coming and to react in order to make the picture. And, you can see the details. The devil is inContinue reading “Sometimes I Walk”