True Colors

L et’s do some living… after we die. I borrowed that line from a song. Maybe you know it. I do. But, I’m not talking. But, I will talk about 2022. I’ve talked to some of you here. I’ve talked to some of you via Zoom, email, text, various private messaging methods and on theContinue reading “True Colors”

Not Too Late

Labor Day. We honor our workers, no matter what their work may be. However, I fear that like our military, we could be described describe as “suckers” and “losers.” After all, why work for a living when you can scam for a living? But, that’s not what I want to talk about today. I’d ratherContinue reading “Not Too Late”

Another Perspective

Perspectives. It’s all about perspectives. Or, optics as it is currently called. You’ve seen the horizontal version of this scene. Now, you get the vertical one. This scene isn’t quite as mysterious as the original.  The view is a little closer. It emphasizes the trees. Perspective is important in life. Yesterday I commented on seriesContinue reading “Another Perspective”

Not Your Usual New Orleans

It’s art. I suppose. I had an assignment to photograph and architect just down the street in One Shell Plaza. As I was walking back, everything was just sparkling on our first sunny day after the “Great Ice Storm of 2014.” Wonderful winter light. So, I took my time getting back to my car andContinue reading “Not Your Usual New Orleans”

City in Color

I used to call Sunday, “Experimental Sunday.” Why? I really don’t play computer games. Even when I do, I get bored pretty easily. The only game I really liked was Diablo. It’s taken the maker 14 years to release the new version so I gave up. Long ago I decided that rather than play aContinue reading “City in Color”