A Lot Of Work

So Cold. The temperature was well below freezing. I was well below freezing. I made this picture in Montreal in that dead of winter assignment I photographed mostly during the week between Christmas and New Year. In New Orleans we have a Vieux Carre. You know it as The French Quarter. Vieux Carre really meansContinue reading “A Lot Of Work”

The Dream

S ometimes the pictures are better along the way rather than at the event I was going to. I was going to photograph Krewe du Vieux which is one of the earliest parades of Carnival. The parade was as I expected, too crowded and nowhere to do work arounds. Oh yeah, with the exception ofContinue reading “The Dream”


This picture was made when the poodle and I had our guy’s night out in The French Quarter. I’ve been walking past this building for years, but on that night the light made the building look bluish-purple and oh so photographic.  So I stopped and worked the building for more than a few minutes. IContinue reading “Purple”

Another View

Casting a shadow. Locally, people call this view “Touchdown Jesus.” What do expect from a city who has an NFL football team called “The Saints?” After all, we live in “Who Dat “city. I’ve photographed this scene from many angles. But, never straight on. I guess I thought that the bars on the fence wouldContinue reading “Another View”

Reflections, Light & Color

Sometimes, it’s in the details. Sometimes, your eyes just have to be a little more open than normal. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than luck and timing. This picture is a result of all four. The details are found in the one thing that makes this picture. The woman’s face in the bottom left of theContinue reading “Reflections, Light & Color”

A Dog’s Life

Yes. Sunday and Mardi Gras. About dogs. And their people. From my point of view, the main parade yesterday was the Krewe of Barkus. Yes. Barkus. Bark. Bark. Bark. Except these dogs were all pretty good. They visited with each other before showtime. Then they walked throughout The French Quarter. It was their parade. TheContinue reading “A Dog’s Life”

It’s Here.

Carnival Time. Mardi Gras. Krewe du Vieux. The first big parade of the season rolled last night from The Marigny through The French Quarter and back. But, mostly it rolled around The Quarter. Krewe du Vieux is an adult parade. This year’s theme is Krewe du Vieux comes early. That’s sort of all you needContinue reading “It’s Here.”

Another Night.

Still No joy when it come to Mardi Gras decorations. I do know there was at least one carnival ball tonight. But, getting invited to those is very hard if you aren’t a krewe member, or close to a krewe member. So, I’ll make do with another picture made in The French Quarter. The folksContinue reading “Another Night.”

And, Again

So. I dipped into the well of New Year Eve in The French Quarter. I had a pretty good shooting night. And, we had a pretty good dinner. So, all in all as they say… it was a pretty good time. I’ve written about it in the past few blogs so I’m pretty much outContinue reading “And, Again”