Out on The Road, Again… Finally.

So. I couldn’t take it anymore. After being house bound for just a few days cabin fever set in. I just had to get out of the house and make a few pictures. Luckily, my head cleared a lot and I felt better than I have in days. She did too. In fact, she wasContinue reading “Out on The Road, Again… Finally.”

An Evening Sky

This week. Whew. I was stumbling around in my files around trying to find a peaceful Sunday picture. I still want to keep my promise and publish Christmas pictures until the big day. But. But. But. I’m feeling pretty numb just about now. I don’t think I’m feeling much different from most of the peopleContinue reading “An Evening Sky”

New Mexico Light

One of the last images that I made in New Mexico. With the dry air and the very long views, you can see storms without actually being in one and getting wet. Of course, the skies and clouds are among the most amazing that you will ever see — anywhere.