M ystical, magical and very blue. This was really a test. What happens if I turn a white statue blue and add leaves? Now we know. It looks like this. Sort of mysterious. Sort of like the garden of good and evil. This is another picture that took some time to make. I think aboutContinue reading “Midnight”

Naked To The Eye

The weather turned a little cold and very bright. So, I started chasing my project. I found an old house with a statue in front. The Virgin Mary protects the house. The house protects the occupants. I don’t know much about this place. There were no cars in the street or in the short drivewayContinue reading “Naked To The Eye”

On Sunday

I had big plans today. Hahahahahaha! You know the old joke about that. I was going to photograph a second line. I haven’t done that in a while. But, my back and legs hurt a little too much for that. So I took some pain meds which didn’t really work. I thought that I postContinue reading “On Sunday”

A Sunday Thing

Since I’m still not working, I’m looking at a deep review of my archives. I made a switch to Google Pictures. I cannot tell you how good it is at finding pictures that were “lost” in the nooks and crannies of my hard drives. Not only that, but it organizes them very well. It alsoContinue reading “A Sunday Thing”

Sunday Offering

Out on the road. Again. I like poking around little roads and streets. Sometimes I find things. Many times I don’t. I found this little place right off. But, I took my time getting to it. The street was very narrow. There are drainage ditches on both sides of it. If I wanted to stop, IContinue reading “Sunday Offering”


For those of you who haven’t been to Norther New Mexico, Chimayo is often called The Lourdes of The United States. They say a miracle occurred in Chimayo about 200 years ago. It is a lovely day drive from either Santa Fe or Taos. For more about the town and the area, go here http-::chimayo.us: ThisContinue reading “Chimayo”

In a Garden

At one time, the place where I happened upon this Blessed Virgin statue, must have been something to see. To the left of this scene are big sweeping stairs that I imagine lead to a big impressive front door of whatever house was there at one time. Today… “ain’t der no mo’” I have noContinue reading “In a Garden”