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  • This Story is Forever

    There were daysAnd there were daysAnd there were days besidesWhen phantom ships with phantom sails Set to sea on phantom tidesComes the lightning of the sunOn bright unfocused eyesThe blue of yet another dayA springtime wet with sighsA hopeful candle lingersIn the land of lullabiesWhere headless horsemen vanishWith wild and lonely cries, lonely cries

  • On Day One

    I don’t know why, last night of all nights, musical miss thought I needed to hear this story. When Ringo Starr went to see and say goodbye to George Harrison in Switzerland where George was so sick from cancer that he could not sit up, Ringo spent some time with him but apologized because he […]

  • Reflecting

    Stop messing around. You don’t have time for this. So said Scott Galloway on on Pivot, a podcast we like. He said this today, further confirming the changes I wrote about yesterday. Time to get moving and keep moving always trying to keep in mind what I learned 50 years ago. Slow is smooth and […]

  • About The Day

    Before the leaves changed, fell and the snow arrived I managed to make a few pictures. This one of them. This wildflower is managing to survive although I don’t know for how much longer. Right now the weather isn’t too cold, but it will be very soon. I wonder if this plant will make it. […]

  • Falling

    Before I write anything meaningful — when has that ever happened — I owe a lot of you an apology. I don’t know how this happened, but I managed to turn off a lot of your posts. It dawned on me one day that I hadn’t heard from a number of you who I read […]

  • Halloween Day Two

    I really do like my new iPhone. This is an early image that I made in Virginia, not on the farm, but in a small city called Waynesboro. We mostly go there for food, either groceries or take out Chinese , Thai or Japanese food. Even though we do eat in restaurants when we are […]

  • Time Fades Away

      Endings. In two states. For a time, in the South. The top picture is the very last picture that I made in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. The bottom picture is the very last picture that I made in the New River Valley. In Blacksburg, Virginia. While I was working there. The pictures. You know the […]

  • Gear Again…

    Virginia. Sweet Virginia. As I worked through the negatives and scans from the past, I’ve come to realize that I was very, very productive during what really was a very short time in Virginia. I wish I had that energy now. Isn’t that always the way? Now that I know I’m doing, I take longer to do […]

  • Long Ago. Far Away.

    A long time ago. In Blacksburg, Virginia. 1980 to be exact. I have a lot of thoughts about this picture. First, I took it just as my time in Virginia was coming to an end. Second, everybody in the picture including these boys’ moms who are cropped out in the background, knew I took the […]