Many Changes


Voodoo. Another thing some visitors to New Orleans want to see or learn about. There are a couple of shops scattered through the city, mostly near or in the French Quarter. But, the place to start, or at least where I like to take visitors who are interested in Voodoo is to Rosalie Alley. It’sContinue reading “Voodoo”

Weird Windows

Oh, I dunno. This is what happens when you walk. When you look in windows. At details. I’ll let you guess which kind of spiritual belief this group of icons represents. It may not be what you are thinking. For those of you who are wondering about avoiding reflection in glass, it’s pretty simple. If youContinue reading “Weird Windows”

May 31. Wrapping It Up.

The end of the month. Time for a little wrap up. Lots of pictures to show you, and this isn’t all of them. But, I do try to keep current. I do try to show you newish work. Every now and then, I dip back into my files… usually when I haven’t been around enoughContinue reading “May 31. Wrapping It Up.”

A Little Weirdness

Well. I’m back to it. More pictures about… well, maybe nothing. Or, maybe I’m working something out . In my head. Who knows. I try not to think very hard about that stuff. It’ll make you crazy. Or, crazier. There’s enough crazy around for all of us. So, most times I just try to recordContinue reading “A Little Weirdness”

Rosalie Alley (The Details)

More images from Rosalie Alley. I guess that I could stop right there. But, you know me. Two things to know. One. I promised myself I wouldn’t post very many multiple image blogs. It seems that they are just a little too much to look at in one go. But, after looking at the manyContinue reading “Rosalie Alley (The Details)”

A Little Steam Punk

A giant thing. A steam Punk guard to the place that took me a couple of tries to find. Rosalie Alley. What is that? Near as I can tell, it’s one of the last remaining dirt alleys in all of New Orleans. Let’s talk about this for just a minute. In New Orleans, the definitionContinue reading “A Little Steam Punk”