Not California

R escued from my archives. I found this picture while I was looking for something else. That’s sort of the way I make pictures, on the way to some place else. The funny thing about the picture is that the subject doesn’t exist. Not anymore. It was a designer’s idea as part of the landscapingContinue reading “Not California”

New Morning

Home. This picture is less than two hours old. At least it is from Noon, Central Daylight Time. The time in New Orleans. Yes. I know what I say about letting a picture marinate. That’s my theory. It’s not a rule. Even if it was, rules are meant to be broken. If you have anContinue reading “New Morning”

Cold Light

We are heading into the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year. It also means that despite some cold days for a lot of you, winter has officially arrived. Or, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the other way round. It’s hot. The days are long. In many places around the world thereContinue reading “Cold Light”

What the Dog Saw. Part. Whatever.

More of the occasional series. What the dog saw. This time, we didn’t go far. We took a walk this morning while the sun was low and wonderful. We had a rain storm for most of yesterday and last night. So, everything was bright and sparkly. Add that to the low light and this isContinue reading “What the Dog Saw. Part. Whatever.”

Winter Walk

Walking at dusk. Along the levee. On the Eastbank. Peaceful. Quiet. Calming. This is one of those “on my way to someplace else” pictures. I was leaving New Orleans, heading upriver. I forget where I was going, but one of the most relaxing ways to leave the city is along River Road. Even during rush hour,Continue reading “Winter Walk”

Little Leader

Remember those young guys behind the burglar bars? The ones who just wanted to be outside? Here is their great escape. Kinda. Sorta. The New Look hit the streets about fourth or fifth in the parade. Just like their elders, they know what to do…  because they have been practicing for a long while. WithContinue reading “Little Leader”

On the Bridge

Good Fellas is the only second line that appears on an overhead walkway or catwalk. The parade members come out of a place called the Eiffel Society, make a left turn when they reach street level and start walking. The Eiffel Society is, in their own words; a club, a bar, a garden, a gallery,Continue reading “On the Bridge”

Sometimes I Walk

Well. Mostly I like to walk. Trains. Planes. And, automobiles. They are just for getting someplace quickly. To see. To really see, you have to walk. Walking gives you just enough time to see what’s coming and to react in order to make the picture. And, you can see the details. The devil is inContinue reading “Sometimes I Walk”

The End of Tunnel

Okay. You know I like bricks and brickyards. So, while most photographers are taking pictures of the famous sights of Melbourne, I’m poking around the lesser known alleyways and laneways of the city. Some are relatively wide and house cafes, coffeehouses, restaurants and stores. Others are really just tiny passage ways, like this one whereContinue reading “The End of Tunnel”