Another Day

S omething a little different to start the work week. I thought I hadn’t posted a little portfolio in long time so I decided today was the day. Generally, my New Orleans pictures are fairly recognizable. Not these. I’ve published some of the images that you are looking at in the very distant past butContinue reading “Another Day”

There’s a World

There’s a world. The winter world. It came. It will go. Like all things in life. A friend of mine is excited that there are buds on the Japonica trees. The cold weather followed by a bit of warmth forced the buds. She said. Nope. Japonicas start to show buds in late january. They startContinue reading “There’s a World”

More Pictures From Home

Wow. Let’s start with the bad stuff. Yeah. I hate doing that too. It seems like all social media sites know better than I do how I want this picture to look. I posted this — to test it — on Google+. It opened up all my shadows. WordPress thinks it needs to open myContinue reading “More Pictures From Home”


I must like this scene. After scrolling down on this new and improved website, I find that I made another very similar image last summer at just about this time. This one is a little better. Well, no. Make that a little more contemporary and cinematic in its post production. And, last summer’s version doesn’tContinue reading “Summertime”

Transportation in The French Quarter

Speeding through The French Quarter at night… or, so it seems. Royal Street is like most of the other streets in The Quarter. Old. Narrow. Badly paved. When the paving really falls apart, it’s patched. Not very well. Because of that, nobody is going to speed through any street in The Quarter at any time.Continue reading “Transportation in The French Quarter”

Hanging Out in The French Quarter

As the seasons change and the weather heats up for summer, the months of early spring get a little weird. There is fog. There is mist. There are gray skies that linger. One day the high temperature is 82 degrees, The next day it’s 51 degrees. But, that ain’t bad. At least it’s not theContinue reading “Hanging Out in The French Quarter”

Running Low

To be very honest with you, I’m running out of pictures for Storyteller. At least for now. I am about five days away from the point where I can make some new images. So, I’m rooting around in my out takes. This image was sort of an experiment. When I arrived in Memphis, I sortContinue reading “Running Low”

Reflections, Light & Color

Sometimes, it’s in the details. Sometimes, your eyes just have to be a little more open than normal. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than luck and timing. This picture is a result of all four. The details are found in the one thing that makes this picture. The woman’s face in the bottom left of theContinue reading “Reflections, Light & Color”


There are two things that I really like about Mardi Gras. By now, you know one of them Marching Bands. The make a lot of noise. Wonderful noise. I admire the kids who walk for miles and miles every day during Carnival Season. The other thing I really like are the beads. No. No. No.Continue reading “Marching”