The Summer Wind

A nother weird week. It seems like death is following us around no matter what we do. I suppose that’s the way it is going to be until we manage the virus and people are able to think again. I have no idea what killed Charlie Watts. But, it may illustrate something that I’ve longContinue reading “The Summer Wind”

Way Back Then

Sunday. I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Friday. It was not. Since I wrote the word, “Sunday ,” I’m hopeful that it will stick in my head. Time is elastic. For some reason I spent all of yesterday sleeping. I managed to get Sophie Rose her meds, which was my crowning achievement. ThatContinue reading “Way Back Then”

Most of the Time

May. Bill Gates and the surgeon general agree. We will finally see a turning of the tide in mid to late May. But, but, but… only if everybody in the entire country does the right thing and self isolates. After seeing pictures from around the country, I don’t believe that will happen unless the presidentContinue reading “Most of the Time”

They Said It Was Fall

They said the weather would turn cold. They said that we’d get fall colors. They said the humidity would drop Hahahahahaha. Yesterday, election day, the temperature dropped to a brisk 82 degrees. The humidity? Let’s just say that I changed clothes three times. Just like in the dog days of summer. Then, the rain fell.Continue reading “They Said It Was Fall”

Weird Winter

Remember how happy we were when 2017 came to an end. 2018 was going to be great. It was going to be grand. Wonderful. We were all starting over. Well. Has it been? I’m not going to run through the litany of bad things that has happened so far. You know how this week went.Continue reading “Weird Winter”

Very, Very Green

Yes. Very. Green. On the first day of winter. I keep saying that our winters aren’t like the winters people experience in the north. The weather is different for y’all. Even when you cross the Causeway to the Northshore the weather cools down and acts a little — well, wintry. After a couple of daysContinue reading “Very, Very Green”

A Heart of Change

  Yesterday. I made a change. No news. No social media. And, I stayed away from the local protests. I wanted a little peace. The dogs and I walked about four miles. I took a few pictures. Of the things that I saw. That the dogs saw. I didn’t photograph the street. I will inContinue reading “A Heart of Change”

More Winter

A little more winter. Bare trees. Foggy days. Warm air. Yes. Warm air. We’ve gone from very cold days — for us — to spring-like weather with temperatures just under 80 degrees. So, I thought I’d show you a few more pictures from around the house. And, once I get processing again, I’ll show youContinue reading “More Winter”

Winter Light

Winter light. Lovely, isn’t it? Too bad it doesn’t feel like winter. These 80 degree days are a little weird for this time of year. I can hardly wait for summer. More 114 degree days. Apparently, the folks in Michigan — according to what I read — are complaining because they have 60 degree days andContinue reading “Winter Light”