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  • I Forgive It All

    There are times when I forget what I’ve done in the past. I made this picture four years ago and I cannot remember doing it. I probably made it on the way to someplace else like a second line. You know me. I’m not a fan of useless data. But, sometimes it helps. Here’s a […]

  • Kindred Eyes and a Strangers Face

    Letting everything in. It’s about that time. Time to let in the shadows and the light. That’s how we know we are alright. I think I’ve been doing that as it relates to the age of the pandemic. There are days when all I see are shadows. I tried my best to get into the […]

  • Waiting for the Big Show

    If it’s Sunday there is a second line being walked somewhere in New Orleans.This one was Good Fellas. The King of Kings division was walking for cancer awareness. Even though they didn’t say it, I’m pretty sure that they lost a member to cancer. I know. I said that I was dropping out of the […]

  • Looking at You

    I need to get out more. I made the portrait before I returned to New Orleans. I was back for a visit when I ran into this guy on the street in The French Quarter. He’s an old friend. We had a coffee and went our own ways. I thought, at the time, that it […]

  • A Vision in Blue

    Sometimes, I’ll show you a portrait that is just a portrait. This is one of those times. Yes. Of course, I reworked it in my current new style of art. I’m not sure how much longer that will last. I made a bunch of pictures a day or so ago that are a little more […]

  • The Edges of Things

    The edges. Sometimes, it’s better to look along the edges of the event. Things get more interesting there. So do the pictures. I’ve long said that for those of us who work second lines on a regular basis that our pictures look about the same. Oh sure, there are lens selection differences. There are post […]

  • The King and Eye

    Yes. The King — Mr. Woodrow “Woody” Randall. And. My eye. The one I use to focus and frame when I take a picture. So. This post isn’t about “The King and I,” a musical about the King of Siam. Or, as we know it today, Thailand. This is about a second line parade. The Nine […]

  • The Watcher

    Watching. Waiting. The second line started an hour later than planned. When they hit the streets they came through the bulldog. That’s right, Family Ties came right through the mascot of Joseph H. Clark Prep High School in Treme. Yep. The second line began in Treme and mostly walked through the 7th Ward. A ward […]

  • Red Balloon

    We talked about moments yesterday. Here’s another one. This one doesn’t have as much to do with the second line, as it does with the people who come out for the parades. Or, in this case, was taken to the parade. I doubt that he brought himself, especially since I know that his mama was […]