World Of Strange Design

S ometimes I forget the work I’ve already done. If you recall I wasn’t posting everyday. That didn’t mean I wasn’t making new pictures and working on others. I was. And, I forgot about it. I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon a little group of pictures that I had forgotten about.Continue reading “World Of Strange Design”


A study in blue. I’ve said in the past that I wished that I could paint. Before you tell me that I should try, I have. I have paints. Brushes. Paper. I’ve taken classes. Workshops. One on one learning. I have good hand — eye — coordination. For whatever reason, I can’t paint. My failureContinue reading “Simplicity”

Gentle Growing

Like a watercolor painting. A time in nature, when greens are still green and summer hasn’t officially arrived. The time in between. I am fascinated with Asian art forms. Something Chinese. Or, something Japanese. This picture sort of crosses the border. Between. Make no mistake. It was a photograph first. I started tinkering with it. IContinue reading “Gentle Growing”


So. I’ll keep going. This is a very early version of my digital experimentation. It’s from a time when I wanted to make a photograph look like something else entirely. Like a watercolor painting. I added some more stuff to it. And, there you have it. This is old enough that the original exposure wasContinue reading “Wonderland”

A Little Experiment

First, you’ve looked at all of these scenes. As photographs. Sure, I tinkered with them. Some. Usually, I would use software called OnOne. It just helps to complete my intent. Yesterday I receive an email from another image manipulation software called Topaz. I played with their software many years ago before I finally settled on myContinue reading “A Little Experiment”

The Last One

Well. If the truth be told, this image is ALMOST the last picture I made in New Mexico. As I recall, the move to New Orleans began on a Tuesday. By the previous Saturday night, I was feeling a little blue about leaving. Even though I had gotten a little bored living there, the stateContinue reading “The Last One”