New Day

S pring. The first day was yesterday. Winter is over. Sorta. But, there is a change in the quality of light. That’s what I’d like to discuss. Light. The thing that makes photography possible. Photography, after all, is either painting or drawing with light depending on what you read. It’s Greek. But, it’s not allContinue reading “New Day”

Round Here

A nother test. I wanted to see just how big I can make a horizontal picture. The answer is this big. I imagine that there is a way to adjust the type, but I haven’t found it yet. Eventually, I will. WordPress likes to play hide and seek with tools. Anything that is elegant andContinue reading “Round Here”

Now is the Start

F lowers are starting to bloom. They are confused. The weather feels like spring during the day and winter at night. I’m confused. Lately that seems to be a normal condition. That started during lockdown days when time was flexible. It’s gotten a little better, but I still confuse days of the week. Not watchingContinue reading “Now is the Start”

In The Beginning

I keep saying that I really should work with a real camera rather than a cellphone camera. This picture is a great example of why. This picture needs about no depth of field to help those tall wildflowers to stand out. There’s a way to do it in the phone, but it takes along timeContinue reading “In The Beginning”

Mother of Muses

So, people are saying spring is finally upon us. Down here in The Gulf Coast we’ve had spring for about a month. But, in the last day spring exploded. The greens are greener. The flowers are vibrant. Leaves have just exploded out of their slumber. Luckily, it’s still cool bordering on cold. In a monthContinue reading “Mother of Muses”

These Times

Once upon a time we lived in a land of peace. But, I forget when that was. I read a comment that said we’ve had two mass shootings in two weeks. Yes, America is opening back up. In New Orleans last Saturday night there were eight shootings. They weren’t in one place so it wasn’tContinue reading “These Times”

Downhill From Everywhere

Yesterday was a day. Did you ever have a day when technology was not your friend? When saved passwords were not saved? When nothing loaded? When the internet was so slow that you had to perform a hard reset? That was yesterday. Let’s hope things go a little better today. Let’s hope people settle down.Continue reading “Downhill From Everywhere”


Prettiness on a Friday. I actually planned this picture for earlier this week, but CoVid19 killed John Prine. So, I waited. Call this his funeral flowers. Call it art. Call it a confusing mess. Call it whatever you like. I just hope that you like it. Some of the news that almost fits. Two thingsContinue reading “Alchemy”