Wind and a Tree

More experimental than not. That’s this photograph. It’s about wind, which arrived in about 30 mph gusts. Even the all seeing spaniel wanted very little to do with it. We walked for a while and after watching her ears fly around I thought it was better to head home. That’s what we did. We wentContinue reading “Wind and a Tree”

The Waiting

Hurricane Season. Down here in the semi-tropics our hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 30. Usually, we don’t see any kind of big storm until July. Now comes Cristobal. The storm is predicted to remain a tropical storm. The thing about big storms is that they are often unpredictable. With a little moreContinue reading “The Waiting”

Lush Life

Get Lucky. That’s what happened to me. I got lucky. After the nothing burger storm blew through I decided to walk with the dog who’d been inside all day. From the minute I stepped outside I saw orange cotton candy skies. I went a little crazy. I made a lot of pictures from a lotContinue reading “Lush Life”

A Little Too Much

I changed my mind. I wrote a fairly long post about me. I think I went a lot further than I intended. So, here I am writing something entirely different. It’s about teaching and letting go. Many of my posts are purely about photography. My intent is to teach even if I don’t expressly sayContinue reading “A Little Too Much”

A Little Foxy

Summer things. This picture is not part of my summer collection. It does show a summery plant. Foxtails. They only catch my attention when the wind is blowing. That also makes them a little hard to photograph. Timing is everything. Hand – eye coordination is everything. Seeing what’s happening in the background matters too. ThatContinue reading “A Little Foxy”

They Said…

They said. They said it as late as last night’s 6 pm news. They said a hurricane was coming. They said a tropical storm was coming. They all lied. At least they did that late in the day. When anybody could log into NOAA, the national weather service, and see nothing was coming. No rain.Continue reading “They Said…”

Big Storms Comin’ Soon

Squalls out on the gulf stream. Big storm coming soon. Sure enough. I returned just in time for a big storm. A storm big enough to cancel today’s French Quarter Fest. That never happens. I can’t say I was excited about going. It’s grown so big that even my old trick of catching the streetContinue reading “Big Storms Comin’ Soon”

Storm Light

A big storm came. I decided to chase storm light, rain, wind-blown stuff and to make a few pictures that might give you the sense of being there. And, yes. I was driving. And, photographing.  Not to worry. You know how I do this stuff. These pictures were taken during sort of a lull. We hadContinue reading “Storm Light”

Storms for Christmas

According to the weather reports New Orleans is going to have a wet, rainy, dreary Christmas. And, it’s not like a winter storm. Humidity is way up. So is the temperature. It broke a record yesterday. In fact, the temperature on Christmas Day should be a brisk 80 degrees. Another record. Luckily… Oh, never mind. A lotContinue reading “Storms for Christmas”