Water, Water, Water

A nother drive by shooting. Well, sorta. I was waiting for the light to change looking at the traffic in front me. I had an ah ha moment. I turned off the windshield wipers to let the rain water accumulate. When there was enough water I made a few pictures. The light turned green andContinue reading “Water, Water, Water”


Big storms. Boredom. Sometimes while we are out and about running errands a big storm explodes into sideways rain. A hard rain. Rain that drenches you even with an umbrella. So, we wait. Waiting for the hardest rainfall to pass. It’s the hardest part. In the car. Then, we get bored. I solve my problemContinue reading “Boredom”

Into the Storm

When it rains… I was running errands. I didn’t feel like getting wet. I sat in my car waiting for the pouring rain to slow down. I started getting bored. I started photographing the rain as it bounced off the car’s windshield. I framed the trees in the background. Some still had a few remaindersContinue reading “Into the Storm”

Road Rain

The rain falls. It stops. It starts. It stops. It starts. You know how it is. Maybe not. For instance, if you live in California you declare a state holiday when two drops of rain fall. I’m not making light of that. It’s serious. Or, if you live in Western desert states. Here, summer is theContinue reading “Road Rain”

Rain. Everyday.

Spring. Storms. Sideways Rain. That’s what we have in Southeast Louisiana, You see them coming. You do whatever it is you are doing. When they turn really bad you seek shelter. Or, you just keep going. I knew this storm was coming. My smart phone told me. Yap. Yap. Yap. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. I couldContinue reading “Rain. Everyday.”

Empty Spaces

I read something about music that is attributed to Miles Davis. “What you don’t play is at least, if not more important, than what you do play. Don’t answer yourself. Leave that space for the music to live. To breathe. Within that space lies the realm of infinite possibility and therein lies the magic weContinue reading “Empty Spaces”


We are starting to move into the heaviest section of our storm season. There is a really disorganized storm in the gulf as I write. And there is another one called Erin making its way from Africa. Luckily, it looks like it is headed way north. It will either fall apart in the Atlantic OceanContinue reading “Wet”

Rain. Rain. Rain.

Rain. And, more rain. Accompanied by a fairly cold wind. Apparently the wind picked up fast enough to hit Gulf Coast Alabama with hurricane force winds. In fact, it blew a stranded Carnival cruise ship that was in for repairs free from its moorings. This knocked the guard shack into the water. Last month theContinue reading “Rain. Rain. Rain.”

Between The Lines

It’s the red tail lights. It’s those tiny little spots of red that make this picture work. Without them this picture is pretty monochromatic. Maybe the yellow reflectors help as well. This is another of my traveling images. Looking at its shape and contemporary look, you’d think it was somewhere in Asia. In fact, thereContinue reading “Between The Lines”