Here We Go

W hen I was a young photographer making my way through the world I used work at a newspaper for about two years and move on and hopefully up. I learned a lot along the way from mentors and friends. My last stop before I headed east and to the bigger time was in Winston-Salem,Continue reading “Here We Go”

And In The End

Boom. Boom. Boom. Bang. Bang. Bang. The beat. In the groove. Keeping time. He was very, very good at it. I photographed this young musician in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. The assignment, as I recall, was great fun. Technically, this is my way of bringing the studio with me. It’s also my way of being aContinue reading “And In The End”

Time Fades Away

  Endings. In two states. For a time, in the South. The top picture is the very last picture that I made in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. The bottom picture is the very last picture that I made in the New River Valley. In Blacksburg, Virginia. While I was working there. The pictures. You know theContinue reading “Time Fades Away”

The Real Thing

I used to call this picture, “The Real Marlboro Man.” Remember that dude? He used to advertise cigarettes? The models were chosen because the were manly men. The kind who roped and wrangled. The kind who smoked cigarettes. Perception is everything. I guess. I actually knew one of those models. He is a very nice guy.Continue reading “The Real Thing”

Winston-Salem Street Photography

Street photography in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. Remember yesterday’s post? I said that I often left home a little early to make some “evergreen” photographs. Freestanding art, as the used to say in the news business. These are two examples of that work. If I’m not mistaken, they were made within a day or two of eachContinue reading “Winston-Salem Street Photography”

In Winston-Salem

1981. Winston-Salem. North Carolina. I moved from the newspapers in Virginia to the Winston-Salem newspapers in early 1981. I was hired for a lot of reasons. One of them was because I could find street pictures and fill a newspaper on a slow news day. I applied for the job because a friend of mine, a photographerContinue reading “In Winston-Salem”