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  • Run, Run,Run

    H oly Moly. I started looking in some archives that are deeper than the rest. Boy, did I find surprising pictures. Pictures that I not only forgot about, but were core parts of some interesting projects. This is one of them. This is a bull. Slow your roll.. She — the women — is a […]

  • Further

    B ack to Shanghai. China. This is a photograph made on film. Fuji Velvia, if I remember correctly. So, it’s a classic. Or, just plain old. I worked there for a very short time. Before I had to be anywhere I would go for a walk in the morning, mostly to Old Town. I was […]

  • About Friday

    A s many of you know I schedule my posts in advance so I didn’t get to tell you what I think about yesterday’s Supreme Court decision and the one the day before. Near as I can tell they like guns and don’t like women. Before I write much further please know that we are […]

  • We Live Here

    I wasn’t sure what to say about these pictures because many of them are commercial but a portrait is a portrait and as a photographer I’ve never been “slick.” I generally make pictures “my way.” That is not to say that I don’t listen to clients, creatives and editors. I reckon that you hire me […]

  • The Time Is Now

    Today is International Women’s Day. Celebrate it. It comes at a time of change. It comes during a time of #MeToo. It comes at a time when our children are demanding change in gun laws. It comes at a time when women are demanding to be treated truly equally. It comes at a time when […]

  • Faces

    Smiles. I reckon about now a lot of people could use one today. Or, a lot of them. It’s Inauguration Day in The United States. It’s pretty fair to say that the entire world is nervous. No worries. I’m not going to go all political on you now. Storyteller is supposed to be a refuge from […]

  • Other Portraits. Too.

    Portraits. I don’t always make pictures of subjects that move my artistic sensibilities. Sometimes, I actually have to work for a living. These ten pictures are an example of my paid work. Work I rarely show you on Storyteller. Work that I did for various clients and agencies. Some was made as art directed stock. […]

  • Big Pink

    I promised you. I promised that I would show you how The Men of Class and The Ladies of Compassion honored the month. The month of pink. The survivors. And, those who passed. They were simply dressed. They wore Dickie  brand coveralls. The industrial kind. And, these masks. These bright fluorescent pink masks. In the bright contrasty […]

  • Rain. No Second Line.

    No second line today. It rained. A lot. Sort of a semi-tropical storm that built up in the Gulf. Normally, most second lines will run regardless of the weather. Not today.  The leaders had the time to make a decision. Today, I learned something about why second lines walk in bad storms. Or, walk when nobody shows […]