Working For A Living

A ugust. This is when strong people turn weird. Myself included. After all, this the month of big hurricanes. First came Katrina. On August 29, 2005. Then came Ida. On August 29, 2021. If that doesn’t spook you, nothing will. Katrina was the more destructive of the two, although Ida did her mean spirited thing.Continue reading “Working For A Living”

Journey Through The Past

I t started this way. This picture was made at the very beginning of my career. I worked for a chain of tiny newspapers in rural Southwest Virginia. We thought we were pretty good and most of the time we were. The two biggest photo subjects were sports and stand alone art. The former youContinue reading “Journey Through The Past”

Fueled by Espresso

So this is a Mardi Gras picture… and it isn’t. When I work, I like to know the lay of the land. Or, at least where the good coffee houses are located. This place is a little tiny four table hole in the wall, but I really enjoyed it. It is located on St. CharlesContinue reading “Fueled by Espresso”