Not What You Think

I am asked about this every time I come home on a break. What’s it like? Is it fun? Does everybody party? The answers to the last two questions are no and no. It’s our workspace and everybody shows up just like they would at any other job. Some people haul stuff. Others organize stuff.Continue reading “Not What You Think”

The Real Thing

Streetcars and Growth Today I’ll table the A&I discussion for another day. That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up learning and growing. No. Never. Instead, today, I’m working on designing pages within the WordPress block system. Even though I’m still not much of a fan, I’m starting to understand how it works. It’s a complicatedContinue reading “The Real Thing”


B ack to Shanghai. China. This is a photograph made on film. Fuji Velvia, if I remember correctly. So, it’s a classic. Or, just plain old. I worked there for a very short time. Before I had to be anywhere I would go for a walk in the morning, mostly to Old Town. I wasContinue reading “Further”

Time After Time

What a storm. First the phones went off. Tornado warnings. Get under the sink or something like that. First, came the lightning. Big bolts. They lit up the entire sky. For that milli-second, you could see everything. Then the thunder started. The loudest, longest rolls of thunder I think I’ve ever heard. Then, the rainContinue reading “Time After Time”

The Junkman Cometh

A short story. I wrote about the very strong discussions in two groups that I follow. I fixed both of them. I dropped out of the groups. Too much noise, no signal. There is today’s comment. Unless you can peek behind the curtain, and really see the action, you don’t know the truth. The commenterContinue reading “The Junkman Cometh”

I’m Wondering

Music takes me everywhere. I live in a city made of music. I live in a city made of ancient culture. I live in a city full of food. They all seem to be struggling. Musicians can barely earn a living. You see some amazing musicians playing on the street. Some are in between gigs.Continue reading “I’m Wondering”

Towel Man

We all gotta earn a living. Some people sell food. Some people sell water and soft drinks. Some people sell beer and booze. Some people sell little toys. The latest people on the scene sell small towels. Towels? Yep. It’s hot out there. You need something to wipe the sweat off your face. To wipeContinue reading “Towel Man”

Pieces and Parts and Pipes

Pipes. Water pipes. Replacements meant for a lawn sprinkler system. You wouldn’t think people in New Orleans would need it. Sometimes we do. It isn’t just for keeping the lawn green. For some folks a manicured lawn is important. Not for all of us. Sprinkler systems really help when we’ve gone more than a weekContinue reading “Pieces and Parts and Pipes”


Something a little different. For me. More along the lines of what I actually do for money. But, this time it was luck. I went to visit with a friend, parked the car, let the dog walk over me to jump out, looked up and saw this scene. Wowie Zowie. I made a lot ofContinue reading “Working”