Dead Flowers, Faded Beads, Vampires & Ghosts

Changes. I thought that I’d take you on a tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. At least, I’ll show you a few details as I saw them. If things look a little bit worn, keep in mind that this place has been under water. A couple of times. Keep in mind that it’s old.Continue reading “Dead Flowers, Faded Beads, Vampires & Ghosts”

A Little Detail

Sometimes a whole city can be illustrated in a detail or two. I think this one comes close. It’s just a rusty, painted over, worn little wrought iron fence post cap. I can’t even remember on what street I saw it. But it caught my eye. You know the rest. I used to have somethingContinue reading “A Little Detail”

Red Bike

Finally. Something a little new. I made this little picture in-between the time when I thought I had a cold that I was getting over and the walking pneumonia that developed two days later. When I was looking around I knew that I wasn’t right. I walked around the corner from this church and wasContinue reading “Red Bike”

Faded Door, A Door Knob and Screws

Details. Sometimes that’s where the most telling picture lies. Seeing them has become sort of an art to me. Instead of hand-eye coordination, it’s more like eye-brain coordination. You can walk right by them and they don’t register. And, I wasn’t trying to catch a decisive moment. What is decisive in this picture? Not much.Continue reading “Faded Door, A Door Knob and Screws”

A Visit

Things are going to get a little busy around my normal posting time, so here goes. Sunday. Oh yeah. That’s gonna get a little weird too. I’ll deal with that later. Anyway. A few weeks ago, I took a couple of out-of-town friends on a tour of The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. TheyContinue reading “A Visit”