Before I discuss this picture, its intent and its production, it’s time for a WordPress rant. They managed to fix the issue I had yesterday which is obvious by looking at this photograph but they managed to remove the tags, and all the background framework. Luckily, I embed that same information in the picture.

This whole thing worries me because every time these little glitches happen it means that WordPress is making some major structural change. That’s never good for anybody.


This picture is about time. Time that we are running out of. If everything I’ve read is even remotely accurate my children’s life as they grow older could be hell. We are already seeing it now. Add to what I’ve been writing and this upcoming long weekend will be so hot that every kind of warning is being issued.

Timing of this image is weird. Later at night we watch movies. I start to play around with pictures on my phone. I don’t really work that hard because it’s sort of a diversion. I try this and that until the picture comes together. This one is layered but you can barely tell because I added a red flower just above the watches but just enough to warm the picture.

When I was a child we lived in Long Beach and we had ocean breezes so we didn’t have an air conditioner. We didn’t need one. Summers were mild. Often, we had an Indian Summer which was three or four days of 90 degree plus heat. That was it.

Not anymore.

Unless you live right on the beach summers are hot. Nights don’t cool down the way that they used to do. I know why. Too much cement. Too much pavement. All of that retains the heat.

Even in New Orleans when you talk to people who are “from here” they’ll tell you that it was never as hot as it is today. Too much pavement. That’s one of the pluses of the farm, very little pavement. Sure it gets hot, but it doesn’t linger and what they call humidity is dry to us.

There is a downside. Winter is cold. Winter is snowy. But, we have fireplaces and a lot of dogs. You know what Three Dog Night means, right?

The farm is our little attempt at turning back time because unlike The Rolling Stones song, time is not on our side.

Trust me. It isn’t.

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